Add Integrations

ISD allows you to incorporate data based on your various tools to allow you to analyze and automate key parts of your development process and ultimately remove the need for human decision making. To add an integration, follow the guide below.

Add Integration

Suppose ElasticSearch is your data source for logs, to add the details follow the steps given below:

  1. From the ISD application dashboard, Click "Setup" --> Click "Integrations" and then Click "+New Integration" button as shown in the image below.

2. The list of available integrators along with their respective fields appear as below. Select the integration you want to add and fill out the information about it that appears on the right pane of the screen. Once you have filled out all the information, click "Save".

Click here to know more about the all the integrations supported and the corresponding information to be provided to add that integration.

Sync Accounts

When you are done adding all the integrations you need to let these integrations sync with the Spinnaker so that these integrations can be used during pipeline execution. Click "Sync Spinnaker Accounts" button to sync all the integrations with the Spinnaker, as shown below.

Syncing accounts with Spinnaker requires Spinnaker to restart and it may take about 3-5 mins for the restart to complete. It is hence recommended to first add all the integrations and then sync them all together with Spinnaker at once.

When you click on "Sync Spinnaker Accounts" button, you would be prompted to confirm the restart action, as shown in the below.

As shown above, while the Spinnaker is getting restart, the users of the ISD system will not be impacted. You can either choose to cancel the Spinnaker restart or can choose to proceed with the restart. If you choose to proceed with the restart, a confirm message would be displayed to the user about the start of the restart operation, as shown below.

Once created, the integration will be appear in the Accounts list, as shown below:

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