OES 3.6.X Release Notes

This Version is deprecated

The below versions are deprecated.

Version 3.6 (16th March 2021)

Spinnaker Version : 1.24.4

New Features

Saas 1.1 Features

  • Saas 1.1

  • Ability to add the Spinnaker instance to integrate with OES from the UI.

  • UI restriction to add one active instance at a time.

    • Ability to configure authentication through UI

      • LDAP

      • x509

  • Ability to add, edit and delete Spinnaker accounts from OES UI for the below tools

    • Jira

    • Jenkins

    • Slack

    • Github

  • Ability to connect to Spinnaker and store Halyard Configuration in GitHub.

  • Support for add, edit and delete of cloud providers from OES UI for Spinnaker

    • AWS

    • Azure

    • GCP

  • Ability to restart the Spinnaker after the config changes.

Informed approvals

  • Ability to group and aggregate multiple pipelines from different services under a single abstract service.

  • Ability to add a pipeline to a service using OES. The same pipeline can be used under multiple services.

  • Ability to import applications and pipelines to OES, based on Spinnaker events.

  • Ability to delete gates of each pipeline individually for both OES and Spinnaker.

    • Deleting a gate of Spinnaker application will also delete the custom stage associated with the gate.

  • Ability to delete applications for OES and Spinnaker.

    • While deleting Spinnaker applications from OES, it will redirect to the Spinnaker screen to delete the application.

  • Ability to show/hide an individual service to hide the service from the application dashboard.

  • Ability to define and re-order environments at the service level.

  • Ability to add a new gate as ‘Test Verification’ apart from the Approval and Verifications gates.

Application dashboard

  • Ability to search applications using Application Search.

  • Pagination for applications listing.

  • Ability to sort applications by:

    • Updated time - Ascending / Descending

    • Alphabetical - Ascending / Descending\

Test Verification

  • Add Custom stage in Spinnaker for ‘Test Verification’.

  • Analyze at granular level for all test cases in a test run to pin-point the exact error point.

  • Collate summary of Test Runs and history.

  • Support Cluster level tagging and annotation for unexpected events.

Support for SAML and OAuth based authentication

  • Support for User authentication with the following providers

    • LDAP

    • SAML

    • OAuth

Fixed Issues

  • Java - Auto base line feature is not working

  • Java - Test verification - If no common test cases are present - Java need to handle such cases

  • Unable to create Kubernetes agent under Cloud Providers

  • Verification - Select any application which is having log analysis - change the sensitivity API is throwing an error message along with results.

  • Auto baseline feature is not working.

  • App dashboard - Click on Verification failures - Services are pointing to the same score (if services have different scores).

  • Not able to save approval/verification/test verification gates.

  • Delete log template API is throwing 500 internal server error.

  • While editing the verification template the verification type is missing in edit template flow.

  • Unable to delete topics within the log template.

  • Unable to load the gate details when selected from the existing gates dropdown for spinnaker imported applications.

  • Visibility - Reviewed time is showing wrong after activating the gate.

  • Issue while saving cloud providers with KUBERNETES agent (unable to get download manifest).

  • Unable to see the pipelines and it's stages for the applications imported from spinnaker.

  • Unable to add a new gate (Approval/Verification) for the Spinnaker imported applications.

  • App-sync not working.

  • Not able to see the gates in the app dashboard page for imported applications from spinnaker and it is loading indefinitely.

  • Not able to see the approval gate applications in the Visibility & Approval gate page.

  • Metric Analysis is not working.

  • Unable to perform verification analysis if multiple services with the same gate name is created.

  • Register canary API is throwing 500 (internal server) errors.

  • App dashboard - Verification failures count is not displaying correctly.

  • While saving the gate details it is displaying failed to save.

Known issues

  • If the topic for an already reclassified event is changed through the edit template route, in certain cases the expected topic assignment may not work.

  • Limitation of ‘Manual Trigger’, no option to specify the pipeline when there are more than one pipeline under a service.

  • If a pipeline is deleted from Spinnaker the change will not show in OES.

  • Grid in Test verification screens look similar to the grid used in other screens.

  • Pagination in the Test verification grid should look similar to the grid used in other screens.

  • The restart Spinnaker triggers after configuration changes, do give feedback to the user when the restart is completed and services are up. This needs to be handled in the future release to give the user feedback.

  • When a gate inserted from OES is deleted from Spinnaker, the delete is not handled in OES. This will remain as a stale gate in OES. Similarly if the inserted gate is renamed in Spinnaker, the change is not affected in OES.

Version 3.6.1 (23rd March 2021)

Spinnaker Version : 1.24.4

New Features

‌Info cluster

  • The log analysis in ‘Verification’ gate determines the health of the new release by scoring the following categories of unexpected events having an impact on the health of the logs(till 3.6 release) - Critical Error - Error - Warnings

  • There are often scenarios in our analysis where we can observe a higher jump in the number of info log lines in the New Release as compared to baseline.

  • As part of this ‘Info Cluster’ the user has a choice to enable the impact of substantial increase in informative logs on the scoring.

  • So now we will have four categories of events that will have an impact on the score to determine the health of the analysis:

    • Critical Error

    • Error

    • Warnings

    • Info

Download the unexpected cluster for offline analysis

In the ‘unexpected’ tab of the log analysis in the verification page, the user can download the complete cluster as a file for offline analysis.


  • In the Test verification screen and Test Summary screen, default text in the format "1 selected / 25 total".

  • In the Test Summary Screen - Start Time is changed to show the start of the canary analysis instead of start time of test run.

  • In the Test Summary Screen - seconds should be removed from Start Time.

  • In the Test Verification screen, time format of Start Time & New Time is changed to hh:mm.

  • Manual Trigger is shown as icon.

Fixed Issues

  • Log template - Next button was appearing as greyed out.

  • Log Analysis tab has an alignment issue in deployment verification page.

Version 3.6.2 (05th April 2021)

Spinnaker Version : 1.24.4


  • AppDynamics metrics

    • In v3.6 we had the support to use only the APM metrics of in the verification gate.

    • It has been enhanced to define custom metrics of user choice for metrics analysis.

Fixed Issues

  • If a user re-orders the environments newly added environments of an existing pipeline the newly added environments are not displayed.

  • After deployment the clusters are not visible in Spinnaker.

  • After activating the Visibility and Approval, under Approval group it is showing all the groups under LDAP.

  • While creating a new policy if you change it from static to runtime, the Rego file is not changing.

  • AccountId is coming as Null while saving AWS cloud Provider and the "lambdaEnabled" parameter is removed.

  • Deleted cloud provider account details are not reflected in GIT.

  • If a namespace is added it is not getting updated in OES UI and GIT even after displaying the success message.

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