Vulnerability Management

The vulnerability count for any application can be viewed in the Vulnerabilities section. This indicates the corresponding risks occurring in the application or service that are currently running in the given environment. The color code shows the level of risk whether critical, high, moderate, or low.

To View the Vulnerabilities

  • Click on the Vulnerabilities tab.

  • The Vulnerabilities summary page is displayed. The top panel displays the Vulnerabilities in Current Deployments panel that displays the count based on the severity of the alerts and Top Vulnerabilities panel that displays the vulnerabilities in the order of occurrence in the application.

  • On clicking the values, the Supply Chain Security Alerts page is displayed with the relevant alert for the selected vulnerability id.

The smart search option in the Vulnerabilities details page is used to search for specific components based on Component, Severity or Vulnerability.

  • Click in the Search dropdown. The various options available for search are displayed.

  • Select any of the options. A dropdown with the values specific to the selected options are displayed as shown below:

  • Select the required value and press Enter. The components with the selected vulnerability are displayed.

  • The displayed vulnerability page can be downloaded in either .CSV or .JSON formats by clicking the Download button provided at the top right corner as show below:

The vulnerabilities can be searched from the Application Dashboard page also. The following example shows searching for the applications based on the Vulnerability in this page.

  • Select Vulnerability from the search dropdown. Now enter the vulnerability name as shown below and press Enter. The applications with the given vulnerability are displayed.

  • Select a application and click it. The environment in which the vulnerability is found is highlighted and the current deployments with the selected vulnerability are displayed as shown below.

  • Click on any Vulnerability count for the displayed current deployments.

  • The vulnerabilities details page is displayed. Click search and select Vulnerability from the search options.

  • Now select the same vulnerability name from the displayed list. All the components related to the selected current deployment are displayed.

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