View Deployment History

The deployment history section is displayed at the bottom of the Application Status page and it displays the deployment data of all the available services in a graphical representation. Day, Week, and Month, wise deployment data can be seen using the Show Data For filter. The period range for which you want to view the deployments history can also be customized using the Custom range option.

To View Deployment History

  • Navigate to Application Status > Deployment History.

The deployment history section displays the deployments that had occurred for the selected time period. The time period can be Day View, Week View, Month View or you can select Custom range and select the specific time period in the calendar displayed.

You can click Previous to view the data for the timeline before the selected time range and Next to view the data for the timeline after the selected time range.

The deployments represented in the data graph are shown in different color codes. The color code and what they represent are given below the graph as shown below:

  • 1 - Represents Allowed Deployments

  • 2 - Represents Blocked Deployments

  • 3 - Represents Low Risk Image

  • 4 - Represents Medium Risk Image

  • 5 - Represents High Risk Image

  • 6 - Represents Apocalypse Risk Image

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