Application Policies

The Rules Config page displays the deployment firewall rules for all the stages of Software Development. The stages of deployment such as Source, Build, Artifact and Deploy are displayed as tabs with the rules count for each stage. You can enable or disable the pre-defined rules for an application in this page.

Navigate to Applications > Application Policies.

The application rules page is displayed with the list of all the rules related to the application.

You can view the list of rules for any selected environment. Select the environment for which you want to makes changes to the rule from the drop down as shown below:

On clicking the required tab, the deployment firewall rules are displayed with the following details:

  • Rule : Displays the name of the rule.

  • Tag : Displays the related tags for the rule. The tags indicate to which security the rules are complied with.

  • Category : Displays the category of the rule.

  • Severity : Displays the severity or impact of the rule namely Major, Critical or Normal.

  • Action : Displays whether the rule displayed is an Alert or Prevent. When the rule fails; if the deployment passes and an alert is generated it is termed as Alert. If the deployment is blocked and an alert is generated then it is termed as Prevent.

  • Description : Displays the description of the rule.

  • Status : Displays whether the rule is enabled or disabled. You can Enable or Disable the rule for the selected application by clicking the Status radio button. If the rule is enabled, the status button is green in colour.

To Enable / Disable Rules:

Select the rule that you want to disable or enable for the application and click the Status button. A popup appears showing the options Save Changes and Discard.

Click Save to save the changes or Discard to omit the changes.

The Severity and Action fields can only be changed at the global level. Only application owners can disable the rules from this screen if required.

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