Artifact Security

Artifact Security

Artifact Security is a detailed insight into all the artefacts, their vulnerabilities, security issues and risk status before and after deployment. When a new image is detected during any build or deployment stage, it is analyzed and the scan results are displayed.

To Access Artifact Security

  • Navigate to the Artifact Security tab and click on it.

The Artifact Security page displays the following panels:


The Artifacts panel displays the number of artifacts in the application.

Artifacts Life Cycle Stages

The Artifact life cycle stages panel displays the different stages and number of artifacts in each stage in the artifact lifecycle. It displays the following stages as shown below:

  • Generated - The deployments that were generated but never deployed.

  • Deployed - The deployments that were generated and deployed.

  • Overridden - The deployments that were generated and replaced.

Artifacts Risk Status

The Artifact Risk Status panel displays the summary of the risk status of the listed artifacts.

  • Apocalypse Risk - The deployments that are of apocalypse risk.

  • High Risk - The deployments that are of high risk.

  • Medium Risk - The deployments that are of medium risk.

  • Low Risk - The deployments that are of low risk.

The panel below these displays the various artifacts and its details:

  • Artifact - Displays the name of the artifact.

  • Risk Status - Displays the risk status of the artifact.

  • Stage - Displays the life stage of the artifact.

  • Security Issues - Displays the number of open security issues (alerts) identified for the given artifact.

  • Created on - Displays the date when the artifact was created.

  • Built by - Displays the build details of the artifact.

  • Source Repository - Displays the source repository name of the artifact.

  • Deployed To - Displays the cluster name to which the artifact is deployed.

  • Action - On clicking the three dots, you can view the required scans run on the artifact as shwon below:

You can download the scan results by clicking on it.

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