OpsMx Intelligent Software Delivery Platform
Modernizing business applications is driving the adoption of cloud-native architecture, modernized continuous delivery, and infrastructure automation. The cloud-native architecture journey transforms organizations from monolithic applications to containerized microservice applications, delivering an ever-increasing volume of smaller releases.
Enterprises struggle to implement a safe and secure continuous delivery practice that scales for multi-cloud environments. Existing team capacity is stretched as organizations scale CD capability, with more codebases, services, and cloud infrastructure, the risk and complexity increase. This is challenging even for the most advanced organizations. With growing complexity, it becomes increasingly difficult to deliver software to customers with high confidence and velocity.
Releasing and deploying applications at the velocity the business demands requires an Intelligent Software Delivery platform with real-time visibility and actionable management of risk.
OpsMx Intelligent Software Delivery Platform (ISD) is a modern continuous delivery platform designed to eliminate human intervention in the software delivery process. Software delivery is a time-consuming process in a typical enterprise. The challenges come in two folds. Orchestration: First is the difficulty of orchestrating the end-to-end process workflow from code-checking to safe multi-cloud deployments. Data & Intelligence: Second is the scalable risk verification, policy enforcement, and approvals to ensure quality, risk-free and compliant software in production.
ISD consists of the following two modules.
Orchestration Module - OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker (OES)
Data and Intelligence Module - Autopilot
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