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Azure Storage


  1. This is Microsoft’s Cloud Storage solution for modern data storage solutions. Azure offers a massively scalable object store for data objects, a file system service for the cloud.
  2. In current scenario, with this Setup it enables Spinnaker to Store all of its data in Azure Storage Account.


  1. Ensure to have Azure CLI 2.0 installed, to verify the same execute the below command

        az –version

  2. Login to Azure to Set the Subscription, by following the below commands

        az login
        az account list
        az account set --subscription <Insert Subscription ID>

  3. Below commands will create a resource group for your Storage account, also make sure to specify a location available in the account
        az account list-locations --query [].name
        az group create --name $RESOURCE_GROUP --location <Insert Location>
  4. Provide a unique name to create a Storage Account, by executing the below commands
        STORAGE_ACCOUNT_NAME=<Insert name>
        az storage account create --resource-group $RESOURCE_GROUP --sku
        STORAGE_ACCOUNT_KEY=$(az storage account keys list --resource-
        group $RESOURCE_GROUP --account-name
        $STORAGE_ACCOUNT_NAME --query [0].value | tr -d '''')
  5. Enable Azure Storage Solutions
    • Execute the below command, to edit storage settings
          hal config storage azs edit \
          --storage-account-name $STORAGE_ACCOUNT_NAME \
          --storage-account-key $STORAGE_ACCOUNT_KEY
    • Set the Storage Source to AZS, by executing the below command
          hal config storage edit --type azs