Manage Teams and Access

The Access Management page displays the organization settings. You can view all the teams created in the organization and the user roles assigned to the teams. The resources panel displays the total integrations and rules associated with each group.

You have options to create teams or groups and add users to the groups, thereby giving different access permissions to the added users.

To Create New Team

  1. Click + New Team. A popup appears as shown below:

  1. Enter a name for the team in the Name field.

  2. Add related tags to the team and click Create.

The team is created.

To Add User Roles

Next, you can add user roles to the created teams.

  1. Click + Add User Role. A popup appears as shown below:

  1. Select the group or team from the dropdown to which you want to add the user role.

  2. Select the permissions from the dropdown that you want to assign to the added user. You can give either read (access to only view the applications) or admin (access to view and modify the applications) access to the users.

  3. Click Save.

The user role gets updated.

The user roles can be added at the organization level and team level.

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