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Halyard Installation

Prerequisites to Install Halyard

  • Compatible Version of OS

    • Ubuntu 14.04 or 16.04(Ubuntu 16.04 requires Spinnaker 1.6.0 or later)
    • Debian (8 or 9)
    • macOS (tested on 10.13 High Sierra only)

System Requirements

  • RAM – Min4gb – Max as per requirement

  • CPU – 2cpu Min – Max as per requirement

  • HDD – 50gb Min – Max as per requirement

Steps to Install Halyard

  • Download the latest version of Halyard by executing the commands below as per OS

    • For Debian/Ubuntu:
    curl -O
    • For macOS
    curl -O
  • Execute the below command to install and verify halyard installation

    sudo bash
    • Verify Halyard Installation
    hal –v


    Ensure to have ‘hal’ added to the environment variables.

Steps to Update Halyard on Debian/Ubuntu or macOS

  • This part of the document helps to update halyard by executing the below command
sudo update-halyard

Steps to uninstall Halyard from Debian/Ubuntu or macOS

  • This part of the document helps to uninstall halyard from the system
    • In case if hal is used to deploy spinnaker, run the following command to purge the deployment
      hal deploy clean
    • To uninstall hal without any issues execute the below command
      sudo ~/.hal/


By following this chapter the entire .hal structure will be deleted, along with all the configurations. Ensure to follow this chapter only if uninstallation is preferred