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Cloud Provider Overview :


  • In Spinnaker, a Cloud Provider is an interface to a set of virtual resources that Spinnaker has control over.
  • In this chapter, we will explore the process to register credentials for Cloud Platforms. In Spinnaker, these credentials are known as accounts, and all the applications will be deployed based upon these accounts in Spinnaker.

Compatible Cloud Providers for Spinnaker

  • All of Spinnaker’s functionalities and capabilities are built based upon Cloud Providers. Hence, to start and explore any of Spinnaker’s functions it’s mandatory to choose at least one Cloud Provider.
    • The following are the list of Compatible Cloud Providers for Spinnaker
      • App Engine
      • Amazon Web Services
      • Azure
      • Cloud Foundry
      • DC/OS
      • Google Compute Engine
      • Kubernetes (legacy)
      • Kubernetes V2 (manifest based)
      • Openstack
      • Oracle

Next Steps :

Post completion of setting up Cloud Provider, proceed further with the Environment Setup