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  • In this document we explore the Steps to add OpenStack as Cloud Provider for Spinnaker.
  • OpenStack lets users deploy virtual machines and other instances that handle different tasks for managing a cloud environment on the fly.
  • OpenStack makes horizontal scaling easy, which means that tasks that benefit from running concurrently can easily serve more or fewer users on the fly by just spinning up more instances.


  • OpenStack Driver for Spinnaker is Tested and Developed on the OpenStack Mitaka release.
  • Following list of OpenStack Services are Mandatory to have OpenStack features function as expected i. KeyStone (Identity) V3 ii. Compute V2 iii. LBaaS V2 iv. Networking V2 v. Heat vi. Ceilometer vii. Aodh viii. Glance V1

  • To Execute OpenStack Commands on the Spinnaker Server account admin permissions are mandatory. Hence, download the bashrc from OpenStack Console and add the same in the Environment variables of the Spinnaker Server.

  • To Test the Setup, use the OpenStack command-line client

Adding OpenStack as Cloud Provider

  • Ensure to have OpenStack Provider Enabled on Spinnaker
    hal config provider openstack enable
  • Execute the below command to add OpenStack Account on Spinnaker

    hal config provider openstack account add my-openstack-account \
    --auth-url http://authurl:5000/v3 --username service-account \
    --domain-name default --regions RegionOne --project-name the-project \
    --password service-password --environment exampleenv


    All the necessary OpenStack Account parameters can be found in


  • When creating/managing load balancers in OpenStack environment Spinnaker fails, ensure to increase the timeout and polling Interval values.

Next Steps

  • If OpenStack is not the Cloud Provider you’re looking for, try to choose another cloud provider. Otherwise system is ready to configure the mode of environment to install.