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Kubernetes (Manifest Based)


  • In this document we explore the features of Manifest Based Kubernetes as a Cloud Provider.
  • In this deployment Spinnaker Kubernetes Support V2, whereas V1 provider is yet to compatible here.
  • Unlike V1 provider, in V2 the Account doesn’t require any Docker Registry Accounts.


  • Mandatory to have kubeconfig and kubectl for the Spinnaker.
  • As Spinnaker relies on kubeconfig for Authentication to the kubernetes cluster to gain read/write access to all the resources.
  • Relies on kubectl to manage all the API access.
  • Also, as V1 providers are not supported here, all the V1 related Pipelines to be migrated from V1 to V2. Refer to this Article for the V1-V2 migration steps

Adding Kubernetes V2 Account

  • Ensure to have kubernetes provider is enabled.
    hal config provider kubernetes enable
  • Execute the below command to add V2 account to Spinnaker

    hal config provider kubernetes account add my-k8s-v2-account \
    --provider-version v2 \
    --context $(kubectl config current-context)

  • Also, execute the below command to gain access for all additional features

    hal config features edit --artifacts true