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Kubernetes (Legacy)

Kubernetes Overview

  • From this document we explore the best practiced approach to setup Kubernetes as a Spinnaker Cloud Provider.
  • Always while setting up Kubernetes provider, Spinnaker tries to communicate and authenticate with the Kubernetes Cluster. This also included one or more Docker Registries which is used as a source of images during the deployment.
  • For Spinnaker-Kubernetes integration, there are two best approaches suggested.
    1. Kubernetes (legacy provider)
    2. Kubernetes (Manifest Based)

Prerequisites to Add Kubernetes

  • Latest Stable version of Docker and Kubernetes to be installed.
  • Should have a Kubernetes Cluster created along with credentials handy.
  • Should have a valid/active Docker Registry.
  • Configure kubernetes roles (RBAC) – Optional

Steps to Add a Kubernetes (legacy provider) Account as Cloud Provider

  • Ensure to have kubernetes provider is enabled.
    hal config provider kubernetes enable
  • Since, Docker Registry Account Name “my-docker-registry” is already created as part of Docker Registry documentation, proceeding further by adding kubernetes account as cloud provider for Spinnaker:
    hal config provider kubernetes account add my-k8s-account \
    --docker-registries my-docker-registry

Next Steps

  • If Kubernetes is not the Cloud Provider you’re looking for, try to choose another cloud provider. Otherwise system is ready to configure the mode of environment to install.