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Setup Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)


  • This page describes how to set up a Kubernetes cluster on GKE to be used as a Spinnaker Kubernetes v2 provider. The process is very simple, but you need to do some specific things to allow Spinnaker to authenticate against your cluster.


To manage and create clusters in a given project, you need the roles/container.admin role as described here.

Steps to Create Cluster

  • If you don’t already have a cluster for this purpose, you can create a Kubernetes cluster on GKE using either Gcloud or the Cloud Console as shown in the official documentation. Third party tools like Terraform work too, and can be used to automate provisioning your clusters.

Download Credentials

  • Click here to Download GCP Credentials.

Next Steps

Follow the setup instructions for adding a Kubernetes account in Spinnaker.