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  • In this document we are going to explore the methods to setup Azure as Cloud Provider for Spinnaker.


  1. It’s mandatory to have a Service Principal to authenticate with Azure and a Key Vault to store a default username/password for deployed VM Scale Sets.
  2. Verify if Azure CLI 2.0 is installed or not, by executing ‘az’

        az –version

Create Service Principal & Key Vault

  • Login to azure and setup subscription

    Az login > az account list > SUBSCRIPTION_ID=

    az account set --subscription $SUBSCRIPTION_ID

  • Now Create Subsciption (Ensure to have a unique name in your subscription), and set an environment variable based on the output

        az ad sp create-for-rbac --name "Spinnaker"
        APP_ID=<Insert App Id>
        TENANT_ID=<Insert Tenant Id>


    Will have to have the App Key (also called provider) when creating an account, but you will be prompter for a password. Since its automated

  • Now let’s learn on how to create a resource group for your Key Vault. Make sure to specify a location (e.g. westus) available in your account:

        az account list-locations --query [].name
        az group create --name $RESOURCE_GROUP --location <Insert Location>
    * Create a Vault Key (where the vault name is globally unique) and add a default username/password

        VAULT_NAME=<Insert Vault Name>
        az keyvault create --enabled-for-template-deployment true --resource-group
        az keyvault set-policy --secret-permissions get --name $VAULT_NAME --spn
        az keyvault secret set --name VMUsername --vault-name $VAULT_NAME --value
        <Insert default username>
        az keyvault secret set --name VMPassword --vault-name $VAULT_NAME --value
        <Insert default password>

Adding an Account

  • Ensure to have Azure cloud provider enabled, by executing the below command

        hal config provider azure enable
    * Now, run the below ‘hal’ command to add an account named ‘my-azure-account’

        hal config provider azure account add my-azure-account \
            --client-id $APP_ID \
            --tenant-id $TENANT_ID \
            --subscription-id $SUBSCRIPTION_ID \
            --default-key-vault $VAULT_NAME \
            --default-resource-group $RESOURCE_GROUP \


    You will be prompted for the App Key on standard input. If necessary, you can generate a new key: az ad sp credential reset --name $APP_ID