Add releases

OES 3.0 allows you to plan the application releases, and the various gates and approval steps that must be passed for an application to be released. The release management feature helps you to reduce many dependencies and manual approvals, which can extend the release timelines. It helps to reduce the deficiencies in the software delivery process. Release managers can define the release, and approvers can see the relevant metrics in a single pane. Thus allowing seamless handovers and a smooth release process.

Once you have created an application, it appears on the Application Dashboard. For more details on how to create an application click here.

To add a release to an application follow the steps given below:

  1. Click Releases on the application as shown below:

2. After clicking the right side pane displays No recent release. Click the New Release button as shown below:

Add New Release

3. After clicking the following options appear as shown below:

Add Release Fields

4. In the above screen you can do the following:

  • Enter the Release Name in the text box.

  • The Source field is auto-populated

  • Select the service name check box.

  • Click the Container Tag drop-down to select the tag.

5. Click Promote.