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GitHub Artifacts Account

  • Spinnaker can be configured to listen to changes to a repository in GitHub. These steps show you how to configure a GitHub artifact account so that Spinnaker can download files from GitHub.


  • It’s mandatory to have a valid GitHub Account.

Downloading GitHub Credentials:

  • Follow the below steps to generate an Access Token for GitHub. Ensure to provide repo scope for the newly created Token.
  • Place the token in a file $TOKEN_File readable by Halyard:
        echo $TOKEN > $TOKEN_FILE

Enable GitHub Artifact Settings

  • Ensure to have the following values enabled
        # See the prerequisites section above
  • Ensure to have the GitHub Artifacts Support is enabled on Spinnaker
        hal config features edit --artifacts true
        hal config artifact github enable
  • Execute the following command to add an Artifact Account
        hal config artifact github account add $ARTIFACT_ACCOUNT_NAME \
        --token-file $TOKEN_FILE


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